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GSCC was a success!

We had a great time at the Gem State Comic Convention, and sold more than we anticipated. This was meant to be a 'beta test' for future conventions, and we already know things to change, or things to have for coming conventions.

But of all the stuff we sold, only 2 of them seemed to be what anyone was interested in buying:

The Dice Wars rulebook, and my 3D printed (painted and unpainted) models.

I am finalizing the Dice Wars document so it will be available for purchase on (coming soon) and we will continue to expand our catalog of 3D printable model files, so we can sell more of them at conventions, and of course be available to you for your own 3D printing.

One thing we noticed is we had a lot of little kids enjoy our booth, but unfortunately not much for them. We had families and fathers purchase Dice Wars so they can introduce their kids to tabletop wargaming, but we would like to expand our roster slightly to something that children can enjoy as well. If you are already following Jarom's work, you will be able to see something we have plans for, in that field.

All in all attending conventions is a lot of fun for us, and we definitely plan on attending more in the future, and will greatly improve the quality of our booth and selection.

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