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Pax Invaders and Solar Army Wave #2 now on Etsy!


Humanity has spread past the blue planet, and established colonies and homes from Mercury to Pluto. The peacekeepers and police of the space lanes are the SOLAR ARMY. Using the latest power armor, robotics, and combat vehicles, the Solar Army guarantees the protection and freedoms of the human worlds.

But as humanity was just about to venture into further exploration, an alien menace invaded, simply proclaiming "YOU WILL RETURN TO YOUR HOME PLANET. ANY WHO DO NOT, WILL BE DESTROYED". It was a declaration of war, and the INVADERS could not be negotiated with. While the alien forces are few in number, they boast advanced technology and skilled warriors.

R*MIL MEN is a line of sci-fi printable toys optimized for cheap FDM 3D printing. They're your army men figures with a space opera and saturday morning cartoon theme. Designed for sturdiness and play, they can also be used with our game system: Dice Wars.

Join our Patreon or SubscribeStar now (at the $5 level) to get all the latest wave of new models. Or they are available for purchase individually on our Etsy store.

Keep an eye out for future releases in this toy/model line as we have big and exciting plans.

1-logo solar army transparent.png

Even during our biggest expansions, there was always a need for security and armed forces. The Solar Army was created as a private military that provided that protection and force necessary.

Utilizing the most advanced weapons and vehicles, the SolArm were trained on Mars, stationed all over our Sol system, and could deploy wherever unrest happened. And in recent times, it has became more necessary than ever.


2-logo pax invaders transparent.png

When the Pax Invader ships reached our planetary system they broadcast one message: “YOU WILL RETURN TO YOUR HOME PLANET. ANY WHO DO NOT WILL BE DESTROYED”.

They declared war on anyone who did not comply, but to this day their entire motivation is a mystery. Their technology truly alien and terrifying. Even the best human scientists cant figure out what makes it all tick. But the SolArm know just how brutal it can be. The Pax are here on a mission.


Invaders Wave 1.png
Pax Invaders Wave 2.png
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